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    Pumps and valves

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    Energy efficiency consulting


Maintenance and repairs
of heavy-duty industrial equipment

We specialise in the maintenance and repairs of heavy-duty industrial equipment across sectors including the steel, oil & gas and the maritime industry. We also offer welding services and have a welding procedures certification (ASME IX).

Our technical knowledge and in-house experience ensures that we are well equipped to assist industry and municipalities in meeting the maintenance and repair requirements of their critical assets. As experienced project managers, we are adept at responding to RFQs and ensuring that our quality work is delivered on time and on budget.

We have an excellent team
to undertake mechanical repairs on site

We are skilled at sourcing and managing maintenance and repair teams to ensure that necessary mechanical services and repairs that our customers need, happen seamlessly on site. Our twenty-strong workforce includes industrial and engineering specialists, electricians, fitters and welders.


Source and supply premium OEM pumps and valves

We have trusted relationships with premium suppliers of quality pumps and valves and are able to advise on, source and supply the equipment needed by our customers for their effective operations. We have a deep understanding of the processes and equipment that power industry.

Our first-hand industry knowledge equips us with the ability to recommend the best solution to meet our customer’s individual needs. We source and supply a wide range of pumps and valves including centrifugal, multi-stage, submersible, slurry and positive displacement pumps and ball, gate, butterfly and check valves.

We have trusted relationships
with world-class suppliers

We are able to source and supply pumps, valves and PV solar energy solutions.

We are the appointed agents for the German manufacturer Wangen Pumpen. Founded in 1969, Wangen manufactures standard and customised progressing cavity and twin-screw pumps for the biogas, food & beverage, agriculture and wastewater treatment markets.

We also supply the following pumps and valves:

Valves – AVK range, Bray range, Wouter Witzel, IPV, Orbinox, Premier
Pumps – WagenPumpen, Sulzer, GrundFos, KSB, Steady submersible, Flygt Submersible, Lowara Borehole pump


Energy efficiency
advisory services

We advise companies on how to optimise their energy consumption. Our in-depth understanding of energy technology and solutions and our experience in the power sector ensures that we are well placed to advise our customers on meeting their energy requirements and on improving the energy efficiency of their operations.

We offer assessments on behalf of the
National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa

ARJones Engineering is qualified to act on behalf of the National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa (NCPC-SA) to assist companies in ensuring more energy efficient operations. The NCPC-SA is a national programme of that South African government that promotes the implementation of resource efficient and cleaner production methodologies to assist industry to lower costs through reduced energy, water and materials usage, and waste management. It is hosted by the CSIR on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry.